for fuck’s sake

by lifeonaxis1

over the past month i have been trying desperately to stabilize.  i try to maintain a relaxed life so that i am not so susceptible to every stressor that comes by.  i am tired of being fucking debilitated by something as stupid as running out of TP or stubbing my freaking toe.

i write, i hang out with dogs, i mind my own business.  i barely leave the house even.

so will someone please tell me why the FUCK stress follows me around like a lost puppy?  there is no way, NONE, that i have done enough bad stuff in my life to warrant karma shitting on me to this degree for so long.

LISTEN FUCKER!  Yeah you, Karma! Just chill the fuck out while i catch my balance here.  for the love of god!

i just went to check my bank account to make sure everything is ready to go, rent-wise.  what do you know?  some FUCKING CUNT has stolen my credit card number and gone on a make-over shopping spree online.  bitch hit some website called HSN and bought a “Brazilian peel beauty treatment” and clinique wouldn’t even tell me what the order with them was.  so now i’ve got calls out to two merchants, the local police, and my bank.  i’m out of a debit card for a week.


i’m pretty sure i know who did it too.  the sandwich place i always order delivery from is the *only* place i call to give a cc # when ordering something.  everywhere else has secure payment online.  so this little WHORE better run FAR, FAR away because she’s messing with a BIPOLAR BITCH now!

don’t make me angry.  you don’t want to see me when i’m angry.