by lifeonaxis1

i woke up from my afternoon nap while the sun was still out and thought, gee, that’s strange.  why is it still so light out?  lately my naps have been stretching into the 6 hour range, while today i was only able to get in 3 hours before waking up.

i’ve been having nightmares in various shapes and sizes.  i feel noticeably distressed.  i don’t know why.  once i dreamt that all my students hated me, which through me into a panic and i woke up in a sweat.  i don’t recall what i was dreaming just now, but it was unpleasant enough to wake me up.

tasks seem overwhelming.  i have to mentally prepare to do even the simplest thing.

i feel lost and depressed.  my moodscope score today was 19%.

i am disorganized.

that’s all i can write today.