sunday hiatus

by lifeonaxis1

i’m taking a break today, me thinks.  i woke up and spent the better part of the day grading, and then collecting materials to prepare my online class in the fall semester.

i’m sleepy and i think i will post a more substantive update tomorrow.  i think this week i will start A Series of Unfortunate Events, which will outline the stressful events that i think led to my eventual bipolar diagnosis.

meanwhile, tell me if this sounds familiar to you.

i was reading an article about a Polish sample of whom 61% were misdiagnosed with major depression when the correct diagnosis was somewhere on the bipolar spectrum.  those who were misdiagnosed also seemed to show more frequent “family history of bipolar disorder, premorbid hyper- or cyclothymic personality, early onset of depression, symptoms of hypersomnia and hyperphagia, psychotic depression, post-partum depression, and treatment-resistant depression”

i’ve definitely checked a few of those off my list but i couldn’t figure out what “hyperthymic personality” was by breaking down the word.  i knew it was a lot of something.  a brief google search led me to a wikipedia page with more information.

here’s the list of characteristics that constitute hyperthymia:

  • increased energy and productivity
  • short sleep patterns
  • vividness, activity extroversion
  • self-assurance, self-confidence
  • strong will
  • extreme talkativeness
  • tendency to repeat oneself
  • risk-taking/sensation seeking
  • breaking social norms
  • very strong libido
  • love of attention
  • low threshold for boredom
  • generosity and tendency to overspend
  • emotion sensitivity
  • cheerfulness and joviality
  • unusual warmth
  • expansiveness
  • tirelessness
  • irrepressibility, infectious quality

be still my beating heart!  that pretty much describes how i used to be exactly, with a few exceptions.  i just thought i had lucked out because i seemed to be happier than those around me.  i got more excited, more enthusiastic, more ecstatic about things than pretty much all of my friends.

it’s all coming together now…