by lifeonaxis1

yesterday was my friend’s birthday.  we’ve known each other since 2002/03 and have been close friends since 2006.  i sent him a text wishing him a happy birthday sometime in the early afternoon and he responded that he and a bunch of friends were going out to get shitty later that night, and that he wished i was there.

i read the text and realized i probably wouldn’t be able to get shitty anymore period.  well, i could but i’d be putting myself at risk of some serious consequences, possibly.  the gravity of not being able to socialize with friends in this way is like a punch in the face.  i love drinking and partying with friends.  now i get to be automatic DD?


i thought of saying to my friend, how are you going to take it when i tell you i can’t drink like the boys?  that i have a serious mental illness?  will you still be my friend?  will you understand?