avoiding interruption of service

by lifeonaxis1

today i got a text from t-mobile that my bill is past due.  yesterday, i received an email that my car insurance is set to cancel in 10 days unless i pay the bill.  my electricity payment is late.  my jeep is in the shop.

i have no planned income until the end of august.  my mother is already paying my august rent so i’m not comfortable asking for more money.  hell, i don’t even feel comfortable with her paying my rent…but that’s a story for another post.

this is about as bad as it’s ever been, money wise.  although i did experience some pretty painful times during college where i was just paralyzed by my money issues…i’ve entered the big leagues now.  there is only one solution.

it’s time to get a job.

as much as i’d like to spend the summer planning my fall class, playing video games, and hiking with my boys, that just isn’t a feasible option right now.

i’m thinking about a serving job, even though i promised myself i’d never, ever do it again under any circumstances.  but, i know the business, the hours are good, it’s not a heavy-investment job, and i can quit without many consequences.  plus if i can get a decent shift 4 times a week, that would be a nice supplementary income to my stipend.

i’m also going to start selling things on craigslist.  i have a road bike that i never use.  i’ve got drapes and rods just sitting here from when i was furnishing a 2000 sq ft home.  i really, really should sell my tv (waaaaah!).  if i absolutely have to, i know i can sell my beautiful Nikon because the reality is i’m just not using it right now.  i just have to remember, i can always get another one later.