hunting for wabbits…i mean, work

by lifeonaxis1

last Monday morning, I got myself up and showered and headed out in the 105 degree heat to apply for a server position at a restaurant within walking distance from my house.  although they weren’t hiring, the manager told me that the owner is opening a  new restaurant downtown and that she’d give her my information.

unfortunately, my phone decided to break the night before.  i was mid-phone conversation when the person at the other end of the line suddenly went very quiet.  the speaker had gone out.  ringing and text alerts were pretty much down for the count too.  i periodically check my phone and then make return calls, but the turnaround time can be anywhere from minutes to days.  not very effective.

fine time to need a job.  how is anyone supposed to get a hold of me?  friends and family already have the text-to-call-back-using-gmail method down, so i really just have a fancy pager right now.  i can’t really ask a hiring manager to do that though.

oh well.  i wrote my number down anyway and figured i could just call back unfamiliar numbers.  i needed to find work.  at last check, i had all of about $50 to my name.  i couldn’t even get my jeep out of the shop.

i’ve already put most everything i can up on craigslist.  the 60″ tv i shouldn’t even own.  my nikon dSLR and all accessories.  an old cell phone and ipod.  anything that i barely or never used.  i remind myself that i can always get these things later, when my financial situation is more secure.

besides, i find myself wanting to scrap almost everything anyway.  stuff makes life too complicated.

fortunately my aunt took pity on my [indeed, pitiful] situation and convinced my grandma to deposit $300 bucks into my account to cover the cost of my jeep and my electric bill, which was due to shut off any day now due to non-payment.  and trust me, in this heat, you don’t want to get fucking stuck without electricity.

i think that money came in around Tuesday or so, but i didn’t have a ride to the tire place until Friday.  XBF had a bunch of school related activities to do for summer classes, so i opted to wait until he was done to request a ride.  Even still he complained about driving me there on Friday.  I get that 25 minutes is a long drive for this place, but really?

i walked into the shop feeling half triumphant and half humiliated.  it had been a week and a half since i brought Delilah in.  and this wasn’t the end of the road yet.  a mechanic there had put one of his spares on her in the meantime.  i’d still have to bring in my own spare to get them switched out, and it didn’t fit in XBFs car.

[side note: the mechanic who worked on my jeep thinks someone was trying to STEAL my wheels.  i later reasoned with my mom that it probably happened up on the mountain the week before the ill-fated trip.  be careful out there.]


holy balls again.  i went over to the bank and saw that my car payment went through early.  nearly $200 bucks gone.  and i thought i would have extra money after these two bills, so i had bought a new game for my Playstation Vita, making it impossible to pay for the work on my jeep.  i really hate myself sometimes.

all my credit cards are maxed.  no money.  i had to ask the bank to give me a fucking $40 “loan” to cover the balance.

but finally i got the keys to my jeep.  as i drove home, i felt an overwhelming urge to cry, but the tears couldn’t come.  stupid mood stabilizers and anti-depressants.

on the way home, i started to feel desperate.  panicked.  i stopped by the bike shop and talked to the owner.  he had sold me a road bike when my live-in boyfriend got the urge to get one for himself.  he agreed to help me sell it.  i was supposed to bring it by today, but i forgot (much like everything else).  i hope to get several hundred for that, which will take the edge off.

then i went home and scoured craigslist for jobs.  i submitted 3 or 4 applications at various restaurants and contacted a couple more people about positions.  i can’t remember exactly, but i think i’ve contacted 7 or 8 jobs by now.

i’ve also got an ad out for tutoring, and i’ve already gotten a student for that.

some jobs are probably more well suited for me than others.  but i’ll take what i can get.

some places have these online questionnaires that seem to assess your personality and work ethic.  i was filling out one application that seemed to ask an inordinate number of questions about my MOOD and my disposition toward MOODINESS.  just for shits, i’m opening a new application and will copy and paste the questions here.

bipolar discrimination?

  • When I am in a bad mood, it affects my work.
  • Coworkers would describe me as being very even-tempered.
  • I have been known to lose my temper when I am upset.
  • I always know whether I am in a good mood or bad mood.
  • I strive to keep my emotions from interfering with my judgment.
  • In critical situations, I usually stay pretty calm and collected.
  • When faced with high-demand jobs, I am rarely stressed.
  • Sometimes there is so much stress I wonder how I am going to make it through the day.
  • Even after coworkers seem to be worn out I usually still have a reserve of energy.
  • Working at a standard even pace is my preferred approach to work.
  • When I get upset, I yell at other people.
  • Even when there are pressing issues in my personal life, I am able to remain focused at work.
  • I rarely lose my temper.
  • Over the course of the day, I can experience many mood changes.
  • Being in a bad mood has no effect on my work.

some other favorites:

  • Coworkers would describe me as someone who follows the rules.
  • I think everyone should obey those in positions of authority.
  • When I make a promise, you can count on it.
  • I have never been late for work.
  • I find that I have a hard time keeping my promises.

well, that pretty much rules out THAT job.