by lifeonaxis1

i feel like i was going to do something before i started this post, but for the life of me i can’t remember what it was.  the past hour has been jam-packed with distractions and i can’t keep focus.

i woke up to 2 phone calls, and 2 text messages from one person.  another text from a friend asking me to lunch.  several emails which required my attention, including a few hits to my craigslist ads, and a request from my mom to help her understand some terminology in the outcomes evaluation research literature.  the dogs were hungry.  another email from a friend requesting a skype call.  another friend texting me to call her back.

against my better judgment i made not one, but TWO different sets of plans with two different people.  and that’s not including the skype call.

please let me follow through.

please let me follow through.

please let me follow through.

it’s pretty discouraging.  these are just basic tasks that would have been simple for me in a previous life.  now it’s like climbing mt. fucking everest.

i even added a couple of potential tasks.  including a visit to my therapist, who i have not seen in almost a month.


because i forgot when we scheduled appointments.  and then i forgot to call and ask.

then when i called, it turns out that THIS is the week she is on vacation.  not last week.  not only that, but her voicemail message was sure to note that she does not have any more availability for patients.

does that include me?

i really have no idea what’s going on.