tricking my brain

by lifeonaxis1

so, it turns out i’m in a hypomanic state right now.  more on that later.

but i’ve had work to do, involving read and writing, and processing problems and the like.  this is quite difficult in a manic state because i’m easily distracted.  like this post, for example.  i was in the middle of a thought in my work, and i got distracted by the idea for this post and now here i am.

reading doesn’t fare any better.  suddenly i’ll come to and realize i’m reading the same page again, or i’ve spent the last 5 minutes staring at words but processing nothing.

i have to trick myself to accomplish anything.  here’s the way i look at it.

my brain is overstimulated by EVERYthing.  god forbid something shiny enter the room.  in order to have even a few minutes of processing power, i have to give part of my brain something to do, if that makes sense, so i can use another part to work through the problem.  otherwise it’s just a clusterfuck up there and nothing gets done.

my strategy is to listen to certain types of music.  then my brain works on processing the sounds and is entertained.  meanwhile my problem solving abilities are no longer held hostage and i can actually think.

it’s not 100% effective but it’s better than nothing.

back to work…