how academia has ruined my chances at love

by lifeonaxis1

a little hyperbole never hurt anyone.

but seriously, i have thought about this topic several times.  participating in academia seriously limits my dating pool.

for instance,

  1. there are plenty of data showing that couples match on certain characteristics, namely intelligence.  although my IQ might not have changed much during a PhD program, my ability to use it certainly has…so now my standards for the brain power of a mate are stupid high.  leaving me stuck with dating…other academics?  bleh.
  2. being stuck dating other academics can be partially explained by real-world, business types’ inability to comprehend why someone would spend 10 years in college to end up with a starting salary of 50-60K.  rightly so.
  3. academics are often (self-) insulated from normal people things and find it difficult to relate (or find time for) popular culture that is a cornerstone of many normal interpersonal relations.
  4. many people don’t understand how academics talk, so something as simple as explaining a concept is often misperceived as “being condescending”, as is using any sort of sophisticated vocabulary.  no, i’m not trying to look smart; that is just how i TALK
  5. on that note, in academia we learn to use specific language that clearly communicates our message.  many laypeople do not do this, relying instead on colloquialisms and common usage, which leads to lots of miscommunication and frustration on both ends
  6. the standards of evidence among layfolk are not the same as the standards of evidence among scientific researchers.  having conversations about the truthfulness of a claim can be especially trying.
  7. similarly, it’s not very polite to ask people about the sources of the claims they are making so you can do your own research.  i try to do it under the radar and fail most of the time.  i have heard many exasperated claims to “just trust me”
  8. it can be exhausting to be constantly skeptical of everything unless there is a citation next to it so you can review the evidence, and it doesn’t make for good relationships since trust is, you know, kind of important
  9. put the words “PhD” and “psychology” in a sentence, and you’re sure to be a winner.  that is if, by winner, you mean the winner of the untrustworthy, behavior-analyzing, x-ray vision award.  absolute conversation stopper.