foiled again

by lifeonaxis1

i was just feeling pleased with myself when my phone alerted me to a new text message.  from XBF.

he wrote that there’s a problem with his ticket and he will have to come out some other weekend.  and that “he’ll let me know”.


a few texts back and forth and the most information i’ve got is that he has no idea if it will be by the end of this month.  so i went for it.  i asked if he’d have time to talk this weekend.

about what?

i said i’d like to talk about what happened and why.

he’s not responded.  i don’t think he will.

which means that i am going to have to find closure on my own.  that i have to truly let him go, starting now.  i’m not ready for that.  the gaping wound feels ripped open again.  just when it was starting to heal.