psychic cleansing

by lifeonaxis1

bring out the brillo pads.

ok, i’m shot through the heart.  i need to accept it.  there is no going back, no take backs.  i fucked up and broke up with him prematurely and now i need to deal with it.  no more what-ifs.

fuck, this is going to suck.

one step at a time.

first, i need a good cleansing.

i need to let go of all of the things i was hanging on to that had to do with us.  well, almost all of them.  i’m not getting rid of Big Dog A.  🙂  but i will probably sell some of my gaming equipment.  gaming isn’t any fun anymore when i can’t geek out with my buddy.  it’s just depressing.

i need to find a place for the big stuffed animal in my room that i got for valentine’s day.  after i sleep with it tonight, one last time.  and i will put all of his things in one place, possibly in my storage closet outside, so i don’t have to look at them all day.

i need to change my online experience so his name doesn’t pop up on my contact list.  i changed his name in my cell to “The Love is Gone”.  thank goodness i gave up facebook a long time ago.

and hopefully, one of these days, i will wake up and find myself thinking of something other than him.