seroquel: batman’s little secret

by lifeonaxis1

i feel like i’m wearing an invisible suit of teflon.  bullets would just bounce off of me.  pain has been scraped out of my veins, squeezed through my pores, and fallen away.

i feel like i could actually have fun again.

still, i’m suspicious.  it feels artificial, and it is.  i wouldn’t feel this way without mother’s little helper.  that leaves me feeling conflicted.  i don’t like that i depend on medication to feel this way.  and given my year of wild fluctuations, i can’t help but wonder, how long will this last?

the good news is, seroquel is good at quashing those thoughts and feelings too.  i don’t dwell on them too long, and go on to more important things.

like fixing my jeep.

and playing with my animals.

and talking to friends.

and family.

taking care of my home.

and myself.

oh, and getting some work done too.  class of 2013 or bust!