reverse psychology

by lifeonaxis1

i am cracking myself up.

i had the bright idea to hook up the computer and high-end speaker to my sweet tv.  mind you, these are XBF’s things and he is leaving them here indefinitely.

and as i started using the computer on a 60-inch screen and listening to my favorite music on that high-quality speaker…i realized i didn’t want XBF to come get his stuff.  the longer i don’t hear from him, the better.

how’s that for beating me at my own game?

i’m already planning to throw some kind of social get together next month with all this stuff hooked up.  if i’m ready, that is.  a coming-out party.  coming out of hibernation.  i’ve decided my party favors will be…wait for it…med bottles labeled “happy pills”.

now my only problem is getting myself to work instead of listening to music and dancing.  🙂