watch me go

by lifeonaxis1

second weigh-in here.  3.5 el-bees lighter, simply by eliminating sugar and flour from my diet.  haha!  it’s so easy it hurts.  i’ve also added in some exercise this time around, mostly to deal with stress.  but last time i didn’t increase my activity levels at all and i got wonderful results.  i’m fortunate that my body type responds to this type of diet so well.

i noticed that i’ve moved down a notch on my belt.  last year when i lost weight i actually had to poke two additional holes in the belt to make it work.  :-O  then i gained weight, and went back up to the 3rd notch (out of 7).  now i’m at notch 4 and suspect that notch 5 won’t be too far away.

i also had the best day i’ve had in a LONG time on Friday.  nothing in particular had happened.  i just felt well above neutral.  my therapist asked if i thought i was manic, but i don’t think so.  she brought it up after i had listed some of my recent accomplishments.  if i had done them all in a matter of a few days, i would probably change my tune!  but the things i’ve done around the house, with my jeep, and with others have spanned over several weeks…so i think i’m good.

saturday wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great.  i was mostly just tired, which i attribute to working out 4 days in a row.  i took it easy, accomplished what i wanted to accomplish, and called it a day.

sunday has just started.  i’m not feeling especially inspired, but i feel well.  especially after observing the decrease in weight.  skinny jeans, here i come.  🙂