Disclaimer (?)

I’ve been looking at a lot of other Mood Disorder blogs and most, if not all of them, have some kind of disclaimer reminding their audience that they are not qualified to offer medical advice, and that all information presented should not be taken as such, and to follow the treatment prescribed by your medical doctor.

So, I guess I need one too, just in case.

Key points:

  • I am not a medical doctor, and I have zero medical or pharmaceutical training
  • Anything I present here is not to be taken as advice for your treatment plan.
  • If I do present something that you want to know more about, ask your physician.


  • I am, however, going to be critical as hell about the medical and pharmaceutical fields, when appropriate.
  • I am especially going to rip apart the mental health field.
  • I might get into policy, if I have time.
  • I will probably report empirical findings on certain topics which may be relevant to you.
  • Remember, this is *my virtual space*.  If you don’t like what I have to say, you can disagree, respectfully in a comment (I do like me a challenge) or not read at all.