light at the end of the tunnel

by lifeonaxis1

i’ve been reading the thoughtful comments that some of you have posted.  i really do appreciate how much you engage with my blog. i will fully respond to them a little later.  right now, i have a burst of motivation to clean and organize my house and i have to act on it asap.

the good news is, i may have a place to move up in the Pacific Northwest, which will be a welcome departure from the Southwest region.  secondly, my landlord may let me out of my lease a month early to get a new tenant in.  this means i will save several hundred dollars that would otherwise have been spent on rent and utilities and can now put that money toward july bills and moving.  XBF said it would probably be okay for me and my motley crew of animals to stay with him for the final weeks of summer school, so i can still participate in an advanced statistics seminar that i had planned on attending.

i usually only listen to this song after getting over a break up.  it’s the sound of release, freedom, and open doors to new adventures.  i think in this case, i’ll make an exception.  🙂